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Aston Martin Second Series

The New International.

The ‘New International’ can be regarded as an interim model between the first series ‘International’ and the second series ‘Le Mans’. Only about 6 were produced in 1932, largely before full scale production of the ‘Le Mans’ got underway. It looked very like the International, with coachwork almost identical. It was built on the second series chassis and now had a unit ‘Laycock’ gearbox. It also had the second series cylinder block but this was fitted with the International cylinder head, possibly to use up stock. Since these cylinder heads were never very efficient the ‘New International’ could never be described as having particularly sporting performance.


1. Four seater Sports

Initially the coachwork for the ‘New International’ was very similar to the first series ‘International’, with high radiator (now dry case) and 2/4 seater bodywork with flat scuttle, helmet wings and the fuel tank within the rear of the body. The chassis was reinforced with two aluminium side plates with a pressed steel plate between them. This supported the aluminium clad plywood firewall. The dashboard was now screwed to the body frame, so you could no longer remove the body tub without disturbing the dashboard and wiring, as you could on the ‘International’, a rarely used but when needed, very welcome facility. The windscreen was also very similar as was the hood arrangement, and from even a short distance the ‘New International’ and ‘International’ looked almost identical. The exhaust, like the ‘International ‘, was still completely hidden beneath the bonnet.


Chassis. Second series chassis, 11’ 6" in length. Steel channel section, parallel to the rear from 6’ from the front with three tubular cross members, and two channel cross members. Under slung at the rear. Two cast aluminium bulkhead side plates with pressed steel plate between them support an aluminium clad ½" plywood firewall.

Bore 69.3 mm, stroke 99 mm, 1495 cc
Compression ratio: 6.5:1 (using the ‘International’ cylinder head).
Power: approximately 60 bhp at 4750 rpm.
Torque: approximately 55 lbft.
Twin 1⅛" SU sidedraught . E4 needle in .090" jets.
Magneto ignition.
Two ‘Autopulse’ fuel pumps mounted on the rear of the chassis.

Transmission. ‘Laycock’ constant mesh 2nd and 3rd speed crash gearbox with reverse. Mounted in unit with the engine, on an aluminium bellhousing. Clutch is Borg and Beck dry plate with six spring coverplate. Shaft drive to ENV differential. Ratios: 16.31:1, 10.48:1, 6.43:1, 4.75:1.

Steering. ‘Marles’ worm and floating peg fitted with hemispherical bearings.

Wheels and tyres. Rudge Whitworth 52 mm 19" well base wire wheels with sixty spokes and 2⅜" wide rim and 4.75/500 tyres.

Suspension. Semi-elliptic leaf springs front and rear fitted with ‘Hartford‘ friction dampers.

Brakes. 14" diameter aluminium drums with shrunk in steel liners and with cam operated 1½" wide shoes, now mounted on two pivots. Brakes actuated by ‘Bowden’ enclosed cables via two brake cross shafts in spherical bearings linked by short pushrod. Handbrake works on all four brakes.

Wheelbase: 8’ 6".
Track: 4’ 4".
Length: 12’ 8".
Width: 5’ 5".
Height: 5’ 5".
Weight: 20 cwt.
Fuel tank capacity: 16 gallons.

Price. £485

Coachwork. As ‘International’, including screen and spare wheel mount, but with dash now fitted directly to the body frame. Radiator now dry case with separate shell and mounted on two ‘silentblock’ bushes in brackets mounted on the chassis. Similar dimensions to the ‘International’. Helmet type wings. Exhaust exits under car now with exit to the rear of the cast iron manifold. Rotax dashboard switch plate with Jaeger 3" speedometer and rev counter with simple chromed rim.

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