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Whether you’re a rally novice or a seasoned driver, you’re invited to drive one of our vintage Aston-Martins, to enjoy the pure pleasure and satisfaction of historic rallies without vehicle ownership. Leave all the hassle to us: we’ll handle the entry paperwork, scrutineering and mechanical support throughout your event. We’ll give you driver training and explanation of regularity competition so that by the time the flag drops you’ll be raring to go. All our cars are thoroughly maintained and serviced in-house by our specialist engineers.

If you’d like to drive some of the World’s best rally events such as the Mille Miglia, 1000 Mile Trial, Alpine Trial, Modena Cento Ore, Flying Scotsman, Blue Train Challenge and so many more, why not give our office a call? Our package prices are a fixed daily rate for car hire only, other costs vary depending on event, location and duration we will also quote separately for insurance, vehicle transportation and event entry.

Ecurie Bertelli Arrive and Drive Packages - 12/50

1933 12/50 Le Mans - from £990/day

This 2/4 seater is perfect for touring and rallying. It has already accrued some silverware since its discovery in a garage in Manchester in 1988. It has raced at circuits all over the UK as well as Pau and Montlhréy.

This car has wet weather gear and a close-ratio gearbox. In readiness for the new season, it now has new axles, brakes, transmission and suspension.

Ecurie Bertelli Arrive and Drive Packages - Speed Model

1936 Speed Model - from £1050/day

This 2-seater is the roomiest of all Aston models. It has already competed in the retrospective Mille Miglia and as such is eligible for future entries. With superb handling, it is fast and is fitted with original hydraulic brakes of outstanding performance.

This car has no wet weather gear, and so an umbrella and a sense of humour are required. Ready for the 2017 season, it has a brand new race/rally engine.

Beautiful Astons are history in motion.
We’re here to keep their legacy alive.

40 years of high quality restoration & servicing has earned us a world-class reputation.

We have some great support packages for your race or rally, so you can focus solely on your drive.

We know these cars like no-one else.
Buy or sell with us for complete peace of mind & competitive commission.

Engine blocks to valve springs, starter motors to bonnet hinges - we’ve got what you need.

Secure storage facilities for long or short term.
We can even arrange collection or delivery.