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Gran Premio Nuvolari 2021, Ecurie Bertelli

Gran Premio Nuvolari 2021

Another cracking rally with our team of 5 pre-war Aston Martins completing the event. Why not join us for 2022?

Silverstone Classic 2021, Ecurie Bertelli

Silverstone Classic 2021

We had 4 Aston Martins in our care this year. We had no less than four Speed Models out on track including the Brooklands 'Monoposto' and Red Dragon.

The weather was a mixed bag of dry qualifying and wet racing.

Aston Martin Heritage Festival 2021, Ecurie Bertelli

Aston Martin Heritage Festival 2021

The biggest ever gathering of Aston Martins, held at the Dallas Burston Polo Club near Royal Leamington Spa.

Thruxton Historic Festival 2021, Ecurie Bertelli

Thruxton Historic Festival 2021

At last - a track event with spectators! Thruxton will be remembered for its blistering sunshine and one very fast track.

St John Horsfall 2020, Ecurie Bertelli

St John Horsfall 2020

What with Covid-19, biblical rain and a closed-doors race this could have been a rather muted affair. But no indeed - we had a good turnout and some fantastic race action! Many photos are thanks to Adam Gompertz

Nuvolari 2020, Ecurie Bertelli

Nuvolari 2020

A jewel in the rather disappointing crown which was 2020, with Covid restrictions casting doubt on the whole event and making travel logistically challenging. Enjoy our only overseas event for the whole year where we supported ex-Works race car LM2 and the Speed Model of Robert Blakemore.

Silverstone Classic 2019, Ecurie Bertelli

Silverstone Classic 2019

Many Astons in action this year! Our drivers took home a 1st, 2nd & 3rd in class - great results, and smiles all round.

Silverstone Classic test day - April 2019, Ecurie Bertelli

Silverstone Classic test day - April 2019

We had a fleet of 5 Aston Martins out on track for testing on a chilly but sunny April day. Two Ulsters, two Speed Models and an International had a shake down for the start of the season on the full Grand Prix circuit

S25 Sports Model restoration story, Ecurie Bertelli

S25 Sports Model restoration story

Discovered languishing under a sailing dinghy in a wooden shed in 2013, S25 had not been used for the best part of 50 years. Built in 1929, this is the story of her restoration.

LAT Studio photography session, Ecurie Bertelli

LAT Studio photography session

Ecurie Bertelli was privileged to be invited to the famous LAT studios in Feltham. We took a stunning 1933 Le Mans along - many thanks to Auto Classics for the opportunity.

Horsfall Pre-war Race, Silverstone 2017, Ecurie Bertelli

Horsfall Pre-war Race, Silverstone 2017

Some stills from the 2017 Horsfall race. See our video gallery for some footage of the action.

The seven-strong Aston Team won overall.

Goodwood Revival 2017, Ecurie Bertelli

Goodwood Revival 2017

Highlights from this year's fabulous Goodwood Revival

1000 Mile Trial 2017, Ecurie Bertelli

1000 Mile Trial 2017

We supported six Astons on this fantastic event, including one of our Arrive & Drive cars. Participants enjoyed both regularity sections and driving tests in some fantastic settings

Mille Miglia 2017, Ecurie Bertelli

Mille Miglia 2017

With an amazing 12 pre-war Astons taking part in this year's Mille Miglia, here are plenty of shots of them in action. All 12 finished - congratulations to all!

2017 VSCC Formula Vintage - Silverstone, Ecurie Bertelli

2017 VSCC Formula Vintage - Silverstone

Highlights from what us oldies used to call "The Spring Start"

Brian Johnson's visit, Ecurie Bertelli

Brian Johnson's visit

In February 2017 we had a visit from AC/DC singer Brian Johnson and his film crew. His series for petrol-heads, Cars That Rock is very popular as this lovable Geordie indulges his irrepressible passion for cars.

Around the EB workshop, Ecurie Bertelli

Around the EB workshop

Shots of the handiwork of our engineers and craftsmen

Our 40th anniversary - 16th July 2016, Ecurie Bertelli

Our 40th anniversary - 16th July 2016

It was a glorious day with stunning cars and a wonderful crowd of people. 67 pre-war Astons were on our site and over 170 owners and enthusiasts. They'd come from France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Poland, and from Fife in Scotland. The car park at Ecurie Bertelli HQ has never looked so stunning! Our guests browsed the cars, shared stories with owners, and toured our workshops including the dyno, and met our team. After lunch we took to the road on a scenic rally to Claydon House. A surprise road closure added an initiative element to the route!

Thank you to all who came along. Thank you also to Emma Karwacki and Kary Jiggle for the photos.

Mille Miglia 2016, Ecurie Bertelli

Mille Miglia 2016

Our team went straight to Brescia after supporting the Monaco Historic Grand Prix. At the Mille Miglia we provided technical assistance to four of our customers as they covered the 1,000 miles in three days, to Rome and back along the other coastline. Here are some shots of our team and the Astons taking part.

Flying Scotsman Rally 2016, Ecurie Bertelli

Flying Scotsman Rally 2016

Eight pre-war Aston Martins took part in the 2016 ERA Flying Scotsman Rally. 110 vintage cars took part, covering hundreds of miles in all weathers and over three days; this was a truly memorable event. Congratulations to all who took part and made the finishing line at Gleneagles.

Donnington Historic Festival 2016, Ecurie Bertelli

Donnington Historic Festival 2016

Robert Blakemore was privileged to be able to race the famous Ulster CMC 614 at the Donnington Historic festival - 80 years after the car's first appearance there.

Goodwood Revival 2015, Ecurie Bertelli

Goodwood Revival 2015

Ecurie Bertelli were present at the unique Goodwood Revival. Our customers had a fantastic time racing their cars and enjoying the atmosphere

Pre-war Astons in action, Ecurie Bertelli

Pre-war Astons in action

A selection of photographs of prewar Aston Martins through the years. Some are period photos of events, others are more recent, others are just of beautiful or rarer models.

With special thanks to images shot and provided by Aston Parrott and Matt Howell.

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